The Oswayo Valley girls basketball team has been very competitive this season; but having such a young group of girls and lacking some experience, they have struggled to finish a game out with a win. The girls picked up their first win of the season at their home game against Archbishop Walsh. Archbishop put up a fight and took shots, but couldn’t really get any to fall until the third quarter.

In the first quarter, Oswayo Valley’s Macy West had five layups, as well as a layup from Jaydn Brebham and a shot from Mackenzie Mesler. Archbishop’s Noella Policastro was able to sink a shot. The first quarter concluded with a score of 14-2.

Oswayo Valley held Archbishop to two points in the second quarter. Brebham had a layup, a jump shot and a foul shot in the second quarter and Ada Centeno Diaz (a foreign exchange student from Mexico) scored her first point in her high school basketball career with a successful shot, ending the second quarter with a score of 21-2.

Archbishop came back in the third quarter with two layups from Noella Policastro and a shot from Keely Policastro. West scored a foul shot and a layup for Oswayo Valley, putting the score at 24-10.

The fourth quarter was intense as both teams fought to execute during offense and hold their opponents during defense. Oswayo Valley’s Trinity Lundy sunk a 3-pointer, followed by a shot by Brebham. Archbishop scored two layups, one by Payton Howard and the other by Abby Bailey. Oswayo Valley’s West scored a foul shot and jump shot and Ella Malogrina scored a layup. The fourth quarter ended with a foul shot and jump shot from Noella Policastro for Archbishop and a final score of 34-19.Oswayo Valley stats:

Macy West, 16 points; Ella Malogrino, two points; Jadyn Brebham, nine points; Ada Centeno Diaz, two points; Trinity Lundy, three points; Mackenzie Mesler, two points.

Archbishop stats:

Payton Howard, two points; Noella Policastro, nine points; Abby Bailey, two points; Keely Policastro, six points.