The Oswayo Valley girls basketball team won their last home game of the season against Austin with a final score of 42-12.

Oswayo Valley left Austin scoreless up until just a few seconds in the first quarter where Austin was finally able to put up a foul shot.

A combination of Oswayo’s tough defense and Austin struggling to get their shots to fall left Austin unable to score in the second quarter.

Austin made a come back in the second half of the game scoring eleven out of their twelve points and concluding the game with a final score of 42-12.

1st quarter: 13-1

2nd quarter: 22-1

3rd quarter: 27-7

4th quarter: 42-12

Oswayo Valley Stats:

Mikayla Bell: ten points, one steal, four rebounds

Macy West: nine points, five steals, 12 rebounds

Jadyn Brabham: 19 points, six steals, seven rebounds

Ada Centeno-Diaz: two points, one rebound

Mackenzie Mesler: two points, four steals, six rebounds

Austin Stats

Taylor Brewer: one point

Kylie Welsh: two points

Kendra Valenti: three points

Shae Setzer: two points

Sari Setzer: two points

Ally Nelson: two points