Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen G. Kane released the following statement regarding the recent rash of heroin overdoses in Western Pa.:

"There have been 22 deaths in Western Pennsylvania believed to be caused by a deadly mix of heroin and the narcotic Fentanyl.  Together, these drugs are creating an extremely dangerous and potentially lethal combination for users. The heroin is believed to be in bags stamped with the words Theraflu, Bud Ice, and Income Tax.

"Heroin with these specific stamps has been identified by narcotics agents not only in Allegheny County, but also in Westmoreland, Armstrong, Butler, Lawrence and Beaver counties.  However, these stamped bags could already or eventually be available in other counties across Pennsylvania.

"We are working with the Pennsylvania State Police, Allegheny County Police Department, the Pittsburgh Police, and their counterparts in the region to get this deadly mix of heroin off the streets of Western Pennsylvania, and to arrest and prosecute anyone caught selling, distributing, and producing these drugs.  We are contacting hospitals, medical examiners, and police departments in surrounding areas to be on the lookout for these specific stamps of heroin.

"I urge the public to avoid this already dangerous drug, and to assist law enforcement in their investigations.  Anyone with tips should call our Bureau of Narcotics Investigations at 1-800-442-8006."