It’s been another busy week for me — musical rehearsals/photos, wedding pictures, prom pictures, four grandkids staying at my house, ball games, birthdays…

Oh well, it’s not going to slow down this week, either. Apparently I like to be busy since I’m old and still plugging away.

The musical is going to be great. I hadn’t seen this show, “Newsies The Musical,” at all and was not familiar with any of the music except one song. I’m loving it and you will, too. There are three performances; hopefully one of the times will fit your schedule. You won’t want to miss this.

Congratulations to Owen Russell and Ailaina Saltsman, the 2019 Prom King and Queen. They both looked fabulous as did the whole court and everyone I saw. Lots of different dresses, tuxes, vests, hairdos, etc. Melissa Hamilton did a great job as prom advisor and so did her committee. Congrats to everyone involved.

Lots of ball is being played: community baseball, softball, T-ball, machine pitch and community soccer — all happening at a field near you. I was able to get to my grandson’s game Friday night. I so appreciate the coaches and umps who volunteer their time to make these wonderful outdoor activities available to the kids in our community.

We often take for granted all that goes in to these programs. It’s hard for some people to just get their kids ready and to the field somewhat on time but others do that, take care of the fundraising, coach, put the programs together and more. Thank you to all the volunteers and to all the parents who make it a priority to get their kids where they need to be. It’s not easy, but so worth it.

The Town Wide Yard Sales are coming sooner than I’d like. I’ve asked before if maybe June wouldn’t be a better time for this event.

I know no time is a good time, so no one needs to call and tell me how you can’t please everyone but — yes, I said but — May is one of the busiest months of year, second only to December.

There are the ball games and soccer games mentioned above for the community leagues as well as high school boys track, girls track, softball and baseball. It’s time to practice for the musical and dance recitals. It’s also spring concert time for band and chorus and lots of programs at the elementary school.

May also has awards assemblies and yearbook days, lots of field trips. I think most people are busier in May trying to finish the school year along with everything else. We also have Mother’s Day and Memorial Day to celebrate. It doesn’t leave much time to prepare unless you have a spot you can “prepare” ahead of time, which I did this year.

It still didn’t help me. I’m still far behind. Come see me at the former radio station/ Reporter Argus office. I will be having an “American Picker” sale — make an offer. I’m there to get rid of things.

I will also have a table with photos from the past 25 years — some good, some not so good — but all will be cheap and maybe there is a picture of you or someone you know that you just can’t live without.

There will be no rhyme or reason to them. I’ve just stuck them in boxes as I went through my bins and boxes. I’m thinking of having an additional yard sale in a few weeks when I can spend a little time at home and go through more picture boxes and closets. We’ll see if that happens.

Have a happy and safe Mother’s Day. Enjoy the sporting events and the musical this weekend and good luck bargain shopping on Saturday.

Be kind to one another.

Pam Fischer is a lifetime resident of Port Allegany and a writer and photographer for the Reporter Argus.