Lets respect office of President

In response to Gayle Morrow’s June 20 op-ed piece, her obvious bias against President Trump and all things conservative makes it difficult to read her articles with any expectation of fact or truth.

She commented on the President’s visit to Montoursville and the photo taken of him as he deplaned from Airforce One. She describes him as “a debutante descending the stairway to a party arranged for one.”

He is the President of the United States, and that comment as well as several others in the article are disrespectful of the office of the President. Does every comment about Mr. Trump have to be so negative? Regardless of political persuasion, and despite how we may feel about our elected officials, we as a nation cannot lose respect for the offices they fill.

Gayle wondered if President Trump even saw the beauty of our Pennsylvania countryside or “if he was remotely aware of the area’s history.”

How about giving him the benefit of the doubt? He is an extremely intelligent man, and as an experienced businessman, I am sure that he prepared for the visit. And despite the opinions of this nation’s liberal faction, it is obvious that he loves this country and all of its people, who make up the United States of America.

We all can benefit from learning the platforms and convictions of all politicians — conservative, progressive and independent. Let’s try to keep an open mind.

Barbara J. Madden