Respect is earned, not given

In response to recent comments regarding presidential respect, it is universally recognized and accepted that “respect is earned and not given.” It is not given by virtue of a person’s position or wealth.

Trump is a pathological liar who has lied to the American people a documented 10,500 times. He is narcissistic creature who idolizes himself, can never admit a wrong or learn anything from his failures and blames anyone else for his fiascos. He has declared bankruptcy 10 times and refuses to disclose his tax returns for fear of being exposed as a business farce.

He is a proud misogynist with well-documented and verbally recorded immoral behavior. The president is an obvious failure at foreign relations who alienates our allies and kowtows to dictator butchers in Saudi Arabia, Russia, China and North Korea.

He brags about the great economy he personally created for the elite 1% without mentioning the added $2 trillion increase in the national debt which our kids and grandkids will deal with in the future. If this narcissist, lying, immoral hypocritical idiot deserves respect then America is in deep trouble.

Ron Kamzelski