Voters make final decision in commissioner’s race

In reply to the letter to the editor on June 27 from Mr. Kraybill regarding the write-in candidacy of Roger Bunn, I feel it should be pointed out that this is not a function of the Republican Party “stuffing the board with its own members” as implied by his letter.

As noted, every voter gets the opportunity to vote for up to two candidates in November. Those votes can be cast in any way that the voter sees fit: either choosing members of either political party who are on the ballot or a write-in candidate who could be from either party, or no party at all.

The simple fact is that, in the end, it is not the parties that elect the commissioners, but it is the voters who ultimately decide who the three top vote-getters are and who will serve as commissioner.

For the past two cycles, the voters overwhelmingly elected commissioners Bunn, Coolidge and Hamilton, and they will have that opportunity to do so once again if they choose.

Don Hoffman


Tioga County Republican Committee