Reader irked by coloring contest results

I cannot help but expressing my disappointment regarding the judging of the children’s coloring contest in December in the Potter Leader-Enterprise.

There is no objective way that 5-year-old Duncan Ayers’ coloring was better than the beautiful, careful job done by 7-year-old Ella Keser.

If you want to limit entries to Potter-McKean-Tioga counties, then just say so.

My granddaughters worked very hard on their entries. We know we have to teach them early in life that life is not often not fair, but a children’s Christmas coloring contest is not a time when we would typically like to teach this lesson, and it definitely does not testify to the integrity of the newspaper. We bear with a lot of regarding the unfairness and often poor work in the paper, but this disingenuous judging for children is particularly egregious. You might consider something simple like awarding $5 bills for winning out-of-state entries if your requirement for the stocking is that a child must be able to come to your office to receive it and have a photo taken within a certain time period.

Thanks for your consideration of these thoughts.


“Grandma” Wanda Shirk,


Partisanship shouldn’t interfere with community involvement

Today’s toxic partisanship is really bothering me on a personal level. I’m afraid people I admire aren’t going to like me because we have different party affiliations.

The shame in it all is that I try hard to better my community. I do everything in my power to bring people together for the benefit of everyone involved. And I do it because, even though I have a very loving mom and stepdad, I often felt alone when I was growing up. My thinking is that if I’m able to bring people together then maybe others won’t feel the same sense of isolating angst that bothered me for so long.

Now from my perspective helping my community shouldn’t be a matter of partisanship. But what worries me is that my efforts will be dismissed as some kind of political ploy. Because so many people are skeptical that anyone could really want to do good for the benefit of others, it seems like people are going to attribute motives to my behavior I don’t actually have.

In short, it seems like partisan barriers are not only stopping people from coming together as a community, but also from sympathizing from one another. And if our goal is to create a society where everyone can recognize each other as dignified equals, then we all have to be able to move past partisanship. Otherwise, I’m afraid we’ll end up discouraging people from feeling welcome in an already lonesome universe.

Zigmund Reichenbach,


VFW is grateful for donations

The Raymond Richar VFW Post 6611 Auxiliary would like to thank all those who donated items for our Silent Auction which took place on Oct. 19, 2019. Because of your generosity, we were able to raise much needed money for our veterans at Bath VA hospital, New York. All of the money raised was used to buy much needed clothes and supplies.

Also, we would like to thank everyone who contributed much appreciated snacks for our vets at Bath. Each year our auxiliary puts on a Christmas party for them and we could not have done it without your contributions. As a result, there was more than enough for every single veteran.

Raymond Richar VFW Auxiliary Post 6611,