PennDOT deserves praise for promptness

I believe that when most of us are talking about organizations and institutions, we are mostly likely complaining about them — what they failed to do or that something was wrong.

So, let me relate the following: I live next to a heavily-traveled bridge in Coudersport. Last Monday, I sent a letter addressed to Scott Majot at the local PennDOT state barns.

Near the top of my note, I thought’d I’d be a little clever by describing the noise as “The bump that has turned into a KABOOM!” Mr. Majot could not have received my letter before sometime on Tuesday, July 23.

The following morning when I stepped outside, I was aware that something was different. At first, my thought was that PennDOT could not possibly have fixed the bridge that fast.

Yes, they had fixed it. Sometimes things go really well. Thank you, PennDOT.

Luke M. Patterson