Officials need to do job elected to do

Our public officials were elected to office to represent “we the people,” protect this nation from invaders and take care of our nation. In becoming our electives and before taking office, they swear an oath to uphold and protect our Constitution and, by the way, there are federal laws providing for fines, prison and removal from office for violation of said oath.

Now seems like certain of our electives just want to destroy our nation, our customs and our way of life. They waste our money by sending billions overseas to nations that hate us, including our enemy nations, wasting our money on false charges to our President; President Trump is the most vetted, checked-out President ever and they still could not prove any of their charges against him and still they waste time and money trying to sling dirt on him.

Democrats want felons and illegal immigrants to vote in our nation, which is blatantly unconstitutional; they have created so-called sanctuary areas in this nation, violation of Article 4, Section 4 of our Constitution. They even treat illegal immigrants better than our own citizens, even our veterans who served this nation by giving them housing and benefits even our veterans cannot get, or at least have a hard time doing so.

So, the question seems to be: when are our elected officials going to start doing the job they were elected to do and take care of our nation and our citizens?

Kenneth Lunn