Bill Caldwell

Bill Caldwell has been decorating the entryway of the Freeman House for years.

COUDERSPORT — A veteran and resident of the Freeman House has been decorating the entryway of the building for years.

Bill Caldwell takes it upon himself to make sure kids are put into the Halloween spirit as soon as they enter the Freeman House. He puts up decorations — some fun, some spooky — along the walls and windows.

Caldwell said he tries to find a good combination of scary and fun decorations. Less than a handful of kids were spooked by them last year, he said.

He said he enjoys seeing the youngsters run through the entryway and into the room to get their treats.

Though one may think Halloween is his favorite holiday, it’s actually Christmas that he enjoys the most.

People who live in and work at the Freeman House all agreed that he goes above and beyond to do this every year. It’s something Caldwell and the rest of the residents look forward to every year.