Looking for the perfect place to go to have that relaxing “yaahhhh” moment? Well it’s never a bad time for a road trip to visit some of northcentral Pennsylvania’s wilderness waterfalls. Whether you are looking for something to do during this melting weather, or just wanting to soak your feet in ice cold water, this just might be what you need.

If the great outdoors is beckoning you, it’s a proven fact that the Wilds of Pennsylvania offer some of the best small waterfalls within easy hiking distance. Keep in mind that although the temperature is sizzling, most of these waterfalls are hidden beneath the forest canopy where it’s several degrees cooler. If you do break a sweat, you can always soak your feet, or take a swim in a deep hole below the falls.

Imagine a day that sort of goes like this. The sun is slowly rising above the horizon and the temperature is still cool as you cruise along back roads with the windows rolled down. You reach your planned designation, park in a pull off and start down a trail through the forest. Following the twists and turns in the trail, you descend the hillside until the waterfall comes into view.

The stream is beautiful as it cascades over large glacial rocks and drops several feet to the rock ledge below. The water is crystal clear and the setting is superb. After a few minutes of observation, you move down to its base, navigate some slippery rocks, move across the ledge and stand behind the waterfalls.

This is one of the few falls that offers such a unique opportunity. Take numerous photos as you spend some time relaxing and taking in this beautiful work of nature.

But eventually you exit the opposite side and circle back around to the trail. You see a few deer that quickly disappear in the underbrush, and a grouse that flushes and startles you as near the parking area. Where you sit and talk about your adventure and where you’ll head off to next. Now that you’ve just enjoyed Round Island Run Falls in the corner of Sproul State Forest in Clinton County.

Now the question is: in which direction do you travel next? Do you head toward Wykoff Run in Cameron County and enjoy the numerous small falls cascading down Wykoff Run following the sweeps and turns of the photogenic valley or do you go on into Elk County. There you can visit Table Falls in the Quehanna Wild Area of Elk County. It isn’t as popular as some falls but it is one of the more recognized places to visit in the Pennsylvania Wilds.

If you decided to drive into Tioga County, the choices of where to visit are numerous. There’s Sand Run Falls which is located near the small community of Arnot. Or maybe you can visit Bear Run Falls which is actually a series of five waterfalls located on Bear Run near Colton Point State Park. You could head to Mine Hole Run Falls just north of Cedar Run. And those are just a few of the many available. It would take several days to see all of them and the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon as well.

Look no further if you are searching for the perfect backwoods adventure where you can slow down, clear your mind and enjoy an outdoor paradise. While the area is small in population, it’s loaded with nature, and has plenty to offer. And it’s waiting for you right here in the mountains of the Pennsylvania Great Outdoors region

David Orlowski is a writer, hunter, fisherman and outdoor enthusiast from Potter County. He is a member of the Pennsylvania Outdoor Writers Association.