Carmen Ahearn

Daughter of guardians Kenneth and Tina Main and parents Shawn and Tressa Ahearn, she plans to enlist in the Army National Guard.

Mia Ambuski

Daughter of Michael and Rebecca Naylor, she plans to attend Fordham University.

Kendra Andreano

Daughter of Ms. Cariese Corey and Richard and Amanda Andreano, her plans are undecided.

Ariana Barnard

Daughter of Jeremy Barnard, guardians are Michael and René Barnard. She plans to attend the Community College of Beaver County.

Cailey Barnett

Daughter of Darren and Julie Barnett.

Triston Bird

Son of Ms. Carrie Spader.

Kayla Marie

Daughter of Ms. Michele Crawford, Mr. Keith Baxter and foster daughter of Ms. Barbra Major, plans to become a bounty hunter and study police/detective work.

Izak Bidwell

Son of Thomas Bidwell and Debbie Bidwell, his plans to undecided.

Tia Bird

Daughter of Carrie Spader, she plans to become a veterinarian.

Sean Boorum

Son of Ms. Amanda Boorum

Seth Bowers

Son of Ms. Tonya Bowers and Mr. Michael Bowers

Tara Briggs

Daughter of Robert and Yvonne Briggs

Brooke Buchsenschutz

Daughter of Ms. Carrie Buchsenschutz and David Buchsenschutz, her plans are undecided.

Shaylyne Bunnell

Daughter of Ms. Brandi Kio and Mr. Thomas Bunnell.

Dylan Butler

Son of the late Tosha Takosky and guardian Ms. Shirley Takosky, his plans are undecided.

Simon Burleson

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Jeanette Burleson, he plans to attend Elizabethtown College majoring in computer science.

Dominick Button

Son of Eric and Tonya Button, he plans to attend Penn State Behrend for computer engineering.

Tori Campbell

Daughter of Jason and Denise Campbell.

Jordan Card

Son of Mrs. Sunday Gledhill and Mr. Ray Card, he is attending the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford to major in sports management.

Briar Caulkins

Son of Mick and Jodee Caulkins.

Yarielly Colon

Daughter of Tony and Clarissa Burford.

Joshua Conklin

Son of Sean and Jill Conklin, he plans to attend college, majoring in engineering.

Patrick Conklin

Son of Sean and Jill Conklin, he plans to attend college, majoring in computer science.

Kayla Copp

Her guardians are Scott and Rhonda Lamphier.

Litzabel Cortes

Daughter of Ms. Lissette Rivera.

Haley Darush

Her guardians are David and Darlene Darush Sr.

Liberty Dates

Daughter of Mickey Freer and Kent Dates, she plans to to attend JCC for nursing.

Jose DeJesus

Son of Rebekah Dinch and Jose DeJesus, he plans to attend C.C.B.C for zoology.

Trenton Dowell

Son of Mr. Mictchell Dowell and Mrs. Bobbi Herbstritt, he plans to attend Pittsburgh Technical College.

Anthony J. Edgell

Son of Tony and Dawné Edgell, he plans to Serve in the U.S. Marine Corps.

Taylor Emerson

Daughter of Ms. Jennifer Emerson and Mrs. Penny Bee, she plans to attend Baldwin Wallace University and major in early childhood education.

Dylan Falk

Son of Mr. Greg Falk and Mrs. Mary Falk, he plans to go to college for history.

Emma Fox

Daughter of Suzie and Steve Fox, she plans to attend JCC majoring in occupational therapy.

Olivia Freer

Daughter of Cheryl Freer and Jim Freer, she plans to attend Thomas Jefferson University for pre-med.

Kaileigha Gustafson

Daughter of April Hammond and Michael Gustafson.

Kelsey Hamilton

Daughter of James and Connie Hamilton.

Skyler Hammond

Daughter of Kathleen Smith and Bernard Hamilton.

Hannah Hartman

Son/Daughter of Clarence and Melissa Hartman.

Krista Hartzell

She plans to going to Edinboro for nursing.

Kolby Hosterman

Son of Mr. Christopher Hosterman, Mr. Travis Coopersmith and Mrs. Jennifer Coopersmith, he plans to attend Penn State for cybersecurity analytics and operations.

Jenah Hults

Daughter of Mindy and Burl Hults, she plans to become a phlebotomist.

Kavin Hurd

Kavin’s mother is Ms. Carol Daugherty.

Bryent Johnson

Son of Brent Johnson and Amber Berlin, he plans to attend a university majoring in mechanical engineering while also continuing wrestling.

Imagin Keyser

Granddaughter of Francisca Keyser, she plans to attend Indiana University for early childhood education.

Hunter Kisko

Son of Jamie Kisko and Heather Stacknick, he plans to enlist in the Navy.

Robert Landry

Son of Ms. Lisa Landry.

Benjamin Lawton

Son Matthew and Danielle Lawton, he plans to attend Indiana University of Pennsylvania for mathematics.

Jocelyn Lilly

Daughter of Mark and Christie Willcox and Robert Lilly, she plans to attend Alfred State majoring in veterinary technology.

Candyce Lloyd

Daughter of Travis Blackman and Amber Lloyd, she plans to attend JCC in pre-nursing.

Nickolas Marsiglio

Son of Peter and Merry Marsiglio.

Shawn McNeil

Son of Mark McNeil.

Joshua Mesler

Son of Francis and Laura Mesler.

Donald Michelitsch

Son of Ms. Denise Russell, he plans to attend LaRoche College.

Brennan Miles

His guardians are Randy and Monalisa, and his plans are undecided.

Anakin Nolan

Son of Jolene Johnson and guardian Daniel Shutt, his plans are undecided.

Haley Parrish

Daughter of Ms. Debbie Parrish and Mr. William Parrish

Noah Pearson

Son of Mr. Eric N. Pearson and Mrs. Bobbijo Pearson.

Elijah Petruzzi

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Josh and Erica Petruzzi, he plans to enlist in the U.S. Air Force as a boom operator.

Olivia Postlewait

Daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Chad Postlewait, she plans to attend Thiel College majoring in environmental science.

Mason Potter

Son of Mr. and Mrs. John and Rebekah Potter, he plans to to enjoy what life has to offer.

Madison Preston

Daughter of Rae Ann Preston, Tom Preston and Kelly Preston, she plans to attend college, majoring in psychology and minoring in criminal justice.

Josh Rees

Son of Amanda Renner and Justin Rees, his plans are undecided.

Ashley Skinner

Daughter of Dan and Nicole Skinner, her plans are undecided.

Angela Smith

Son/Daughter of Mrs. Mara Smith plans to Plans to attend University of Pittsburgh at Bradford to major in Biology

Javon Stiles

Son of Jeremy and Melissa Stiles, he plans to attend Pitt Bradford for civil engineering.

Howard Stuckey III

Son of Jeff and Jill Stuckey, he plans to play baseball for St. Bonaventure University.

Angela Smith

Daughter of Ms. Mara Smith and the late Mr. Scott Smith, she plans to attend the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford.

Gage Smoker

Son of Ms. Crystal Smoker and Mr. Steven Smoker.

Reanna Spencer

Her guardians are John and Terrie Austin.

Anna Stewart

Daughter of Heath and Amanda Rudolph, she plans to to attend BOCES.

Montgomery Tanner

Son of Ms. Jodi Tanner and Jason Tanner


Brandon Tinder

Son of Mr. and Mrs. Donald and Pamela Tinder, he plans to attend the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford, to study mathematics education for grades 7-12.

Raelyn Torpey

Daughter of Michael and Nicole Torpey.

Hannah Troupe

Daughter of John and Terrie Austin, she plans to enter the military this fall.

Brennan VanSickles

Son of Todd and Bonnie VanSickles.

Jesse Wright

Son of Natasha Wright, Jesse Wright and guardian: Barbara Wright.

Kalyn Naylor

Daughter of Joe and Beth Naylor, her future plans are to attend Gannon University for Radiologiic Sciences.

Drake Amell

Son of Jeremiah and Shanna Amell, hIs future plans are to join the workforce.

Tia Bird

Daughter of Carrie Spader, her future plans are to become a veterinarian.

Darrin Crum

Son of Steven and Patricia Crum, his future plans are undecided.

Maleah Daniels

Daughter of William and Theresa Daniels, her future plans are undecided.