COUDERSPORT — Wayne Hathaway was elected as the new Coudersport Borough council president, during the reorganization meeting on Monday.

“I’m looking forward to it,” Hathaway said, adding that he hopes for a smooth-running four years.

After Mayor Andy Dubots swore in Marty Fry, George Hults and Todd Husson, Fry expressed concerns to Hults about his health and him resuming his role as president.

“Would it be less stressful for someone else to handle it?” Hathaway inquired.

Though Hults said he thought he could remain on a president and was, thusly, nominated with Hathaway, the council members present unanimously voted for Hathaway.

“I’m sure Wayne will do a good job,” Hults said, who was solely nominated and elected to vice president.

Hathaway acknowledged Hults’ tenure as president and expressed optimism for his new role.

“I’m hoping to do as good a job as George has done in the past,” Hathaway said.

Fry said he is eager to fulfill his duties as the newest member of council.

“I look forward to be able to work with the members of the board and for the people of Coudersport Borough,” Fray said.

Bev Morris was reappointed to Borough Manager as well as secretary, treasurer and zoning officer. Morris said she is looking forward to working with the newly reorganized board and get back to working on borough projects.

Morris said “a lot of maintenance” catch-up from last summer is pending, such as repairing street signs and flood channels, line painting, paving and addressing draining issues, and that “a bunch of little things” left on the “punch list” for the community pool still need completed. Morris said the pool will be ready before opening weekend, tentatively scheduled around Memorial Day.

After elections and appointments for reorganization were completed, council discussed the veteran wall project. Concerns were expressed about the term of an account to hold donations, whether or not the council should be responsible for those funds and the structure of the plan to finish the project. Hathaway offered to pick up Ralph Caldwell to bring him to an upcoming meeting so that council could devise a game-plan. Fry suggested an established, structured plan should be implemented to ensure the project is completed in a timely manner. Ultimately, a motion was passed to pen an account to deposit the donations, conditional that the account only remain open for two years.

Morris advised the board that Hults and Hathaway will be receiving awards for their years of service on council by the Borough Association. Hults will be recognized for more than 20 years of service and Hathaway for 10 years of service. Dubots was previously awarded for his 10 plus years of service.

Morris also advised the board that representatives from the library board plan to attend the February general session and have requested that a member of council serve as liaison on the board.

Council also approved using Sheetz as a back-up fuel source for police vehicles, if Kwik Fill is not open.