Brian Christopher Bunce, 31, of Warren was charged with terroristic threats with intention to terrorize another, harassment and physically hazardous disorderly conduct following a reported call from Angel Lane on July 22. Police arrived at the scene and made contact with Bunce. Police asked Bunce about the incident and Bunce denied possessing or having any type of firearm in his vehicle. Police asked to search the vehicle and Bunce granted them permission. Police found an XCP .177 caliber BB pistol in a holster on the rear floorboard behind the front middle seat. Police conducted an interview with the accusers and an accuser reported that they were trying to leave Angle Lane when he noticed Bunce reach under the driver side front seat and grab something. Bunce then stepped out of his vehicle and pointed a gun in the direction of the accuser and he instructed his ally to drive faster to get away from Bunce. The accuser was able to describe the gun that was found by police in the car. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for July 28.