Coudy loss

Coudy had their first loss of the season over the weekend.

COUDERSPORT — The Coudersport baseball team encountered their first loss of the season on Saturday during a home game against St. Marys.

St. Mary’s scored their first run in the second inning, by Matt Bellina. Two more runs were scored in the third by Brandon Sicheri and Nate Beimel. Coudersport didn’t put a run on the scoreboard until the third inning, scored by Kolby VanWhy. The score stayed at 3-1 until the sixth inning when Jackson Glover scored a run. The Falcons were able to keep the Flying Dutch from scoring again, but Coudy wasn’t able to score a game tying run.

Coudersport had four different pitchers throughout the game: Blake Burgett, A.J. Redmond, Kolby VanWhy and Owen Chambers. Burgett, VanWhy and Chambers all pitched two innings and Redmond was in for one.

On Thursday, April 11, Coudersport won their away game at Oswayo Valley, 10-0. Runs were scored by Kolby VanWhy (two runs), Blake Burgett, Jackson Glover, A.J. Redmond (two runs), Derek Easton, Andrew Brown, Gerrett Kellert and Ryan Clouser.

Gunner Bean had one hit for the Greenwaves.

Kullen Crosby took the win on the mound, striking out nine batters for Coudersport. Prince gave up 12 hits and nine runs while striking out six in the loss for Oswayo Valley.