Genesee Township Supervisors

Genesee Township Supervisors prepare for their monthly meeting. From left are secretary/treasurer Kristine Smith, chairman Dann Thompson, supervisor Joe Wunderlich and vice chairman Jim Smoker.

GENESEE — Roxan Thompson resigned from her position as secretary/treasurer of the Genesee park committee, Genesee Township supervisors announced during their meeting last Tuesday. The resignation came to them during an executive session last week.

With the resignation, the park and recreation board only has the chairman, Mark Buffington, to sign checks, though he would have to be the second name on a check without a park secretary/treasurer.

Supervisors voted to temporarily regain control of the park finances until a new secretary/treasurer is appointed. This was also the suggestion of the solicitor, as it creates a liability issue otherwise. Township secretary/treasurer Kristine Smith will be the initial signature on a check, followed by a park committee member.

With this, supervisors adopted a resolution which allows the names on a township bank account — such as the park committee — be instantly removed in the event of a resignation or removal. The bank will be able to comply as long as there is a letter from the supervisors accompanying the request.

Right now, meeting minutes have to be presented to the bank with the resignation or removal noted, which could take a month. This will only be in the case of a removing a name, not to add someone to an account.

Roadmaster Travis Miles said a bridge replacement on Route 449 will create a one-lane road with a stop light for about a month with an estimated start date toward late September. The stop light will be at the bottom of a hill, but there will be extra flashing signs and warnings to alert drivers.

The township will send a letter to the water authority asking the members what term length they’d like to enforce. Currently, there are four members on the authority who don’t have an end date for their term. The township code book specifies the supervisors appoint members to boards, so they need to know when term lengths expire so they can appoint or reappoint someone.

Supervisor Joe Wunderlich said he would expect any board under the township to know the supervisors aren’t on a “witch hunt” when they receive a letter on a professional basis requesting information so they can do their jobs properly.

“I am all about making the library, the park and water boards as autonomous as we can make them,” Wunderlich said. “But as long as they’re under the umbrella of this township, then we all should abide by the ordinances.”