Flooding in Austin

Flood waters covered Route 872 north of Austin closing down the roadway for more than an hour while local residents municipal employees cleared debris from the drains and roadway.

AUSTIN — Heavy rains caused flash flooding and road closures in several areas of the Austin borough on Halloween night. Crews from the Austin fire and ambulance along with PennDOT and borough maintenance spent several hours clearing debris and unplugging drains throughout the evening. As of 9 p.m., more than 3.39 inches of rain had fallen in the area with 3 inches of it falling between 3-9 p.m.

Sump pumps worked overtime trying to keep up with flooded waters in basements along Turner and Rugaber streets. Whenever heavy rains occur, water has nowhere to go but downhill, causing havoc for homeowners.

According to borough emergency management coordinator, Bruce Brooks, heavy rains carried debris down the valleys and plugged the sluices. It was a lot of rain in a short period of time.

Although water ponded on several properties, there doesn’t appear to be any major damage to personal property. Erhardt Lane and Barnett Street took a hard hit and remained closed over night.

Municipal employees also kept a close watch on the public sewer and water system.

An unknown number of residents in Sylvania Township were without power for more than four hours. Electric flickered off and on in the borough and outlying areas throughout the evening.

Later that evening as the rain tapered off, the winds picked up resulting in a dispatch for fire personnel for a tree down on Route 607 in Keating Township

As one of the wettest Halloween’s on record, municipal officials are being commended for rescheduling Trick or Treat to Friday due to the predicted weather. Local residents are also being commended for helping use their personal equipment and manpower to clear debris and clean ditches.