A Coudersport family is asking the community to help an 11-year-old boy find a bullet with his father’s ashes inside it.

Bryant Duell’s father, Anthony Duell, died three years ago from a stroke. When he died, some of his ashes were put inside of a nickel pistol-like bullet with “dad” written on the side. Bryant had this on a chain and wore this as a necklace.

This past weekend, Bryant was at Mitchell Park and took the necklace off to go swimming. He set it on the bank, but when he got out, it wasn’t there.

They searched for a while, but were unable to find it. He thinks it may have fallen into the weeds by the water. Bryant is devastated.

If anyone finds the necklace, please contact Scott Duell, Bryant’s uncle, at 814-331-7753.