CROSS FORK — The 47th annual Cross Fork Snake Hunt took place this past weekend.

In total, 105 people participated in the snake hunt. Fifty-four snakes were caught; 25 of them were Timber Rattlesnakes, four were Copperheads and 25 were nonvenomous.

Karl Miller caught the largest Timber Rattlesnake at 52 inches long and weighed four pounds, 10 ounces.

Tom Louiverse caught the second largest Timber Rattlesnake at 53.5 inches long and weighed four pounds, seven ounces.

Donna Kime caught the largest Copperhead of the weekend; it was 35 inches long and weighed 12 ounces.

Gerald Kime caught the second largest Copperhead there; it was 32 inches long and weighed 12 ounces.

Kevin Voelker had the largest nonvenomous snake. His Black Rat Snake was 73 inches long and weighed two pounds, 12 ounces.

Fawne Hupfer caught the prettiest Timber Rattlesnake; it was a 46 inch long Yellow Phase.

Hannah Blatt was named the ultimate snake hunter, catching six different species.

The award for the most rattles went to Darren Baver, with 15 rattles.

The Presidential Award for Timber Rattlesnakes was awarded to Wade Graham; his 50 inch Black Phase Snake had six rattles.

The Steve Gallagher Memorial Trophy went to Anthony Belgin and Bernice Whetstone.