Drew Kyle swearing in as new Coudersport superintendent

New Coudersport superintendent Drew Kyle was sworn into his position at the Potter County Courthouse in Coudersport on Monday, July 27.

COUDERSPORT — On Monday, July 27, Drew Kyle was sworn in as the Coudersport School District superintendent at the Potter County Courthouse in Coudersport.

With this new leadership brought to the Coudersport administration, Kyle brings an enthusiastic, upbeat attitude and believes that it will be beneficial for all of those involved, especially during these strange times in schools all across the country.

“I think he has already started a lot of the things that have to be done,” school board member Russ Streich said. “He has really been on the ball and moving forward and getting things going.”

As a testament to his go-getter attitude, his enthusiasm has those who know him excited for what he brings to the table not only as a leader, but also as an educator.

“I think he brings enthusiasm and great communication skills,” Reich said. “I think that we will see our school personnel working more closely together. That will definitely be fun.”

With the continued changing nature of the school systems all around the country, communication will be key to succeeding as well as adjusting to whatever may happen throughout the school year.

“Sure I mean it’s complicated,” Kyle said in regards to how dealing with the school year will be. “School in 2020 is a little bit complicated anyway, education is something that I’m really passionate about and I’m really excited to be here, so a mix of those two thinks I think is going to help get through whatever comes our way.”

Another important trait that Kyle brings to the adminstration is his ability to use his enthusiasm and upbeat personality to connect with the students, in a time where many have been disconnected from a structured learning environment since this past March. Being able to connect with students in these difficult times won’t be easy, but Kyle thinks he is more than equipped to take on the challenge.

“I think a lot of what happens trickles down from the top,” Kyle said. “So the more excited and enthusiastic I am, I think that is a little bit infectious and it goes down to the teachers and carries on to the kids. And from an organizational standpoint, the more excited and energetic I can be, everybody else is going to be as well.”

Though the 2020 school year will have its challenges, Kyle keeps his positive attitude and has a lot of things to be excited for in his new role as superintendent.

“I’m really pumped about the new position,” Kyle said. “I’m also really excited to meet everybody and get to know Coudersport as a town and as a community, to get to know the school and the kids.”