Galeton sign

GALETON – Outdoor signs were the focus at Galeton borough council’s Jan. 2 meeting.

Resident Steve Benna approached council with preliminary plans for Hometown Hero banners, which he hopes to hang on posts throughout Galeton.

Aside from a few concerns, council was supportive of the idea and expressed hope that Benna can rally support from other organizations to make the task possible. Benna said he and others behind the project were inspired by nearby towns like Mansfield and Lock Haven and hope to model the initiative after them.

The Military Hometown Heroes Banner Program is to recognize and honor local residents and their family members who are serving, or are veterans who have served, in the U.S. Armed Forces. Each banner honors of a specific service person and usually includes their name, branch of service and photo.

Aside from the approval of the Hometown Hero signs, council showed interested in revisiting a previously rejected ordinance concerning signage.

According to newly-appointed council President Joe Petrencsik, the original ordinance may have been excessive, but its core was to monitor the signs being put up around town.

“We would like to have it so, (signs) can be approved by the council. It would help us to have a say in what our town looks like,” Petrencsik said.

Council also wants to continue its fight against blighted properties in the town. Officials said they are making strides to hold property owners accountable, but hope the rules and codes will “have more teeth” in the future.

Council also discussed a repaving project slated in Galeton Ward 1 later this summer. According to borough secretary Annie Caracciolo this will be one of the largest projects in Ward 1 within the last 30 years. At this time, the borough will use a $48,000 grant to repave and re-pipe targeted areas of Ward 1, though officials said they may do more if awarded more funds in the future. Anticipated work should be completed by fall 2019.

Galeton police officer Chris Kalacinski submitted his letter of resignation following his election as the Galeton magisterial district judge, which borough council accepted. Despite a previously accepted letter of resignation, part-time officer Will Yoder asked to rescind his letter. Police Chief Chris Brackman said Yoder approached him about taking needed shifts here and there. Council also approved rescinding Yoders letter.

Brackman will travel to Williamsport to begin setting up the police department’s new Tracker system. According to Brackman, the system works like traditional VASCAR and will cost the borough a little less than the $400 approved at last month’s meeting. He added that he is working with Gaines police who use a similar system.

The borough’s next meeting is 7 p.m., Wednesday, Feb. 14, at the borough office.