Potter County Commissioners

Barry Hayman, Nancy Grupp, Paul Heimel.

COUDERSPORT — The Potter County government received $342,619 in Act 13 shale impact fee allotments, the commissioners announced during the June 18 meeting.

Individual municipalities within the county received $564,655 in total. Sweden Township and Ulysses Township were at the top of the list, receiving more than $70,000 and $66,000, respectively.

Commissioner Paul Heimel said the allotment included a $25,000 payment that can be used for parks, recreation and environmental recreation to support things such as trails, education and preservation.

The Act 13 allotment is based on shale gas drilling and production that took place in 2019. Potter County’s allotment was about 25% less than last year as there has been less drilling and the price of gas is lower, Heimel said.

Commissioner Barry Hayman encouraged all residents to fill out the census. Nationwide, self reporting is at almost 62%; Pennsylvania is a little ahead of that, at 65%. Locally, Potter County lags behind at 47%, Hayman said. Homer and Roulette townships are the highest self reported in the county, at 69% and 60%, respectively. Wharton and Stewardson Townships are the lowest, at 14% and 12%.

Residents can respond to the census by phone, mail or online. Hayman said he couldn’t emphasize enough how important responding to the census is, as the federal government will often use population to determine how much funding areas will get for things, including roads and fire departments.

Potter County was the recipient of a $166,152 community development block grant. These funds can be approved for working capital projects, reopening expenses, food banks and pantries upgrades, etc.; applications for the funds need to be submitted by Friday, June 26.

The county also applied for a nearly $1.5 million county block grant to help with things such as nonprofits and first responders. When and if the application is approved, a public hearing will be held to disperse the funds as soon as possible.