People are invited to Carpenter’s Shop, in Ulysses, at 1 p.m. on Saturday, May 16 to participate in a “dairy drive-thru,” where several boxes of local dairy products will be given away for free.

Allyson Anderson, a farm animal vet and owner of Headwaters Veterinary Service, in conjunction with Lacy Miles, an agriculture teacher at Northern Potter, organized a fundraiser, which has raised more than $2,000, to purchase local dairy products.

Anderson said God’s Country Creamery has donated milk and cheese for the drive-thru, and said they will focus on purchasing dairy items that were produced locally, like New Horizons, Friendship, N.Y., where many local dairies sell milk to, where it is processed into Friendship Cottage Cheese, among other products. Other local dairy goes to the Middlebury co-op, which then distributes the milk to various locations, such as the Hood dairy company, which makes Hood milk and cheese products, along with many other brands, including Heluva Good, the fundraiser states. Some other local dairy farms sell to Land o’Lakes, which produces butter.

The goal of the drive thru, Anderson said, is to help feed the community and provide people with nutritious dairy products, as well as get products out of the supply line so the milk handlers have more room for more products.

The Headwaters FFA chapter will sell T-shirts at the dairy drive-thru, which read, “An industry that feeds us is an industry worth fighting for; Support your local dairy farmers #drinkmoremilk!” The chapter has also been making care packages for local dairy farmers; proceeds will help support that project.

Potter County Beverage is donating its cooler trailer to store the dairy products in and the Carpenter’s Shop is donating the use of its parking lot.

To donate to the fundraiser, or for more information, visit