VoteExpress Tablet

Voters who cannot mark a paper ballot will use the ExpressVote device and keypad. The device will print out a paper ballot, which will be scanned and tabulated the same as a regular paper ballot.

COUDERSPORT — The new voting machines have arrived and county residents are invited to stop in the Voter Registration office to learn more.

At the Nov. 5 Municipal Election, county voters will be using the new equipment, ExpressVote from Election Systems & Software.

In July, the county approved the $354,926.20 purchase of 68 machines, which will provide two to each of the 32 voting precincts and a few extra machines.

Donna Sallade, a staff person in the Voter Registration office in the Gunzburger building, said two machines are set up in the office. The public is invited to stop in and try the new equipment anytime during regular office hours before the election.

The equipment is similar to what voters used before, said Sallade, and was intentionally chosen to help ease the transition. Voters use a touch screen to cast their votes. Once finished, the voter can preview the paper record of the vote or digitally cast the vote. If the voter requests a paper copy to review, the vote is not cast until the paper print out is fed back into the machine, said Sallade.

Poll workers are being trained in advance of the election. The county is also planning public demonstrations, although no dates or times had been announced as of Monday.

The county used Act 13 Impact Fees to cover the bulk of the purchase, which totaled nearly $400,000 with the addition of paper, along with $17,000 contributed by the state.

In April 2018, the Pennsylvania Department of State required all counties to have “voter-verifiable paper record voting systems” selected by Dec. 31, 2019 and have the equipment ready to use for the 2020 primary election.

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