Northern Potter Panthers Soccer Team

Team members include (front row, from left) Wesley Jacoby, Wyatt Kibbe, Garrett Fuhrer, Aiden Swetland; (second row) Rylee Copp, Cale Kosa, Christian Fuller, Gary Bliss, Carter Thompson; (back row) Ben Torrey, Zach Wright, Tre Slawson, Ryan Langworthy, Ezra Sprow, AJ Lehman, Patrick Lehman.

The Northern Potter varsity soccer team is 0-2-1 on the season after three games against Williamson, Sayre and Kane in the past week.

Northern Potter lost to Williamson 3-0 on Friday, Aug. 30.

The game was a scoreless match until 20 minutes into the first half when Williamson’s Sam Cummings was able to get a ball through to bring the Warriors ahead. Closing out the scoring in the first half was Williamson’s Trent Achey assisted by Brennan Bolt to round out the lead by two. The Panthers had several chances but were unable to finish and bring the game close at the half.

Cummings scored the Warrior’s third and final goal of the match when he floated a direct kick past the fingertips of Northern Potter’s keeper to finish the scoring.

Northern Potter: Shots –11, Corners – 2, Saves -13 (GK Patrick Lehman)

Williamson: Shots – 18, Corners – 1, Saves –6 (GK Josh Hultz)

Their game on Saturday against Sayre ended in a 5-5 tie.

Rounding out the tournament with a comeback in the second half, the Panthers came together and went all in to bring the match to a draw. Sayre was able to open up scoring early in the first half when Post was able to find the net at 3:30 in the match.

At 11 minutes after a strong first save by Northern Potter’s keeper, Patrick Lehman, Sayre’s VanBenthyon was able to take control of a loose ball and bring Sayre ahead 2-0.

Finding his first goal of the night just a short minute later at 12 minutes, Sayre’s Hughey pulled his team further ahead. Prior to the half at 33:10, Northern Potter’s Wyatt Kibbe was able to feed the ball through to Ryan Langworthy, who was able to send a ball blazing in the back of Sayre’s net, taking the score to 3-1.

Sayre had an answer though and at 33:25 was able to get another goal in on Northern Potter when Hughey found the net again while Sayre pulled further ahead at 4-1.

The Panthers came roaring back to life in the second half. Wyatt Kibbe was able to close the lead just six minutes into the second half with an unassisted tap in goal when a scrum developed in front of Sayre’s net.

As the match began to get physical, both teams battled for control of the pitch and Rylee Copp fed Ezra Sprow for his first goal of the evening at 11 minutes to once again bring the game within reach at 4-3. Sayre was able to catch a break just a minute later in the match when Northern Potter conceded a goal at 12 minutes. Still battling, it was once again Sprow who lifted the Panthers up and found the net for a second time with a tap in goal around Sayre’s keeper at 32 minutes. The final goal of the match was once again Sprow with just 1:40 left on the clock, when he was able to find the net right in front of the box and round out a hat trick for the evening, securing the tying goal at 5-5.

Both teams completed the clash with 20 minutes of extra time where Northern Potter was able to create several more chances but was unable to finish.

Northern Potter: Shots-42, Corners-5, Saves-12 (GK Patrick Lehman)

Sayre: Shots-17, Corners-1, Saves-20

On the road against the Kane Wolves, the Panthers were able to keep the match tight on Tuesday evening. Northern Potter opened up the scoring at 14:19 when Ryan Langworthy was able to take a punt from Keeper Patrick Lehman and get a quick shot at the 18, bringing the Panthers out early 1-0.

Kane answered at 25 minutes into the match when Aiden Zampgona broke away from the back line and was able to get a shot in the back of the Panthers’ net. At the 30-minute mark it was John Feikls to bring the Wolves ahead by getting a header off a service into the 18.

A short two minutes later at 32:39, Zampgona was able to take advantage of a miscommunication in the Panther’s defense and was able to jeopardize and pull ahead 3-1.

Not to be outdone, Ezra Sprow crashed a direct kick by A.J. Lehman, which pulled the Northern Potter to within one goal with six seconds left until the half. The teams went into the half 3-2, Wolves.

At 63:02, the Wolves scored their final goal of the evening by Zampogna. The Panthers continued to fight in the second half and at 78:38, Lehman was able to put a goal past the Kane keeper off a service from Ryan Langworthy. Ultimately the Panthers ran out of clock and were unable to find the equalizer in the last 12 minutes of the match.

The Panthers will be on the road for their next match against Coudersport at 4 p.m. on Thursday, Sept. 5.

Northern Potter: Shots-16, Cornerss-2, Saves-15 (GK Patrick Lehman)

Kane: Shots-28, Corners-9, Saves–7