Moratorium on brine spreading should be lifted

As a Potter County township supervisor with more than 35 years of experience, I feel it is important to echo information on the Leader-Enterprise’s reporting of Pennsylvania’s current moratorium on brine spreading for road maintenance and dust control, which was raised in a Nov. 7 article about the supervisors 90th annual convention.

The inability to use this material, which had been applied on roads for many years without impacting the environment, is requiring townships to spend thousands of taxpayer dollars for a calcium-based substitute that simply does not work as well as the brine water we received at no cost from conventional oil and gas operators (spreading brine from Marcellus Shale wells has never been allowed).

It is time for the state DEP to review its recently-changed policy against brine spreading and allow municipal government to use it once again, and we appreciate state Rep. Marty Causer’s efforts to assist in getting this message across to state regulators.

Eulalia Township has found brine to be very effective in controlling dust and stabilizing roads. Brine holds together the fine particles needed to better maintain our roads during the summer months.

This is not the case with calcium, and we have experienced deteriorating conditions on our roads as a result, along with the cost of having to purchase that material.

New York State continues allowing its municipalities to use brine for road maintenance purposes. I encourage Pennsylvania’s DEP to lift the current moratorium and allow us to do the same.

Dale Anderson

Eulalia Township Supervisor