SHINGLEHOUSE — The Oswayo Valley School District may no longer allow facility use on Sundays, following a discussion during the board’s work session on Monday night. The board has discussed this a few times before.

During this week’s meeting, Jed Hamberger, the district’s newly-hired superintendent, said he’d like to see a discussion on not using the facility on Sundays. The energy savings of not opening the facility on Sundays is substantial, he said. During the Sept. 12 board meeting, Trent Bryant, maintenance supervisor, said no one is on snow removal on Sundays and those expenses would increase to bring in someone for Sunday snow removals.

There isn’t a policy in place currently, and it’s creating confusion on whether or not it is allowed. The discussion will continue.

Three people have applied for the director of activities position. Alec Peinkofer, the current director of student activities, resigned effective Nov. 15, the board announced during its October work session.

Peinkofer suggested the board make the position full time with more responsibility.

“It’s not a 4.5 hour position so if you want any kind of consistency there, I would suggest to see if you can expand the position somehow where that person has maybe a little more of a responsibility and make it full time,” Peinkofer said during the October work session. “I think you’re going to get a better candidate base, but also in the future have that consistency of someone staying there because the AD position as itself … it’s a high turnover position.”

The position will stay as is currently, but may change in the future.

The board continued to explore implementing an extracurricular participation fee for cyber charter students, excluding those attending Oswayo Valley’s Virtual Academy. Currently, it costs the district extra money for cyber students to participate in extracurriculars. Hamberger said the district is charged for students who attend cyber school and thinks those who are cyber schooled and want to participate in their sports should pay the cost of expenses.

Peinkofer said the team sizes in winter sports seem to be in good shape. The school just wrapped up sign ups and had 10 girls sign up for junior high basketball, 23 boys for junior varsity and varsity basketball and 20 girls for junior varsity and varsity basketball. Wrestling was a little low — three students each from Oswayo Valley and Otto-Eldred signed up for varsity; six Otto-Eldred students signed up for junior high but no Oswayo Valley junior high students signed up.

The district will now require referees sign a waiver that states the district isn’t responsible for workman’s compensation, as they are independent contractors. Other districts plan to do the same, Amy Yohe, business manager, said, so they referees will see the waiver across District 9.

The board will meet at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 12 in the board room at the Oswayo Valley Elementary School for a voting session.