SHINGLEHOUSE — Four new members were appointed to the Oswayo Valley School Board during Monday night’s board meeting.

Ten people submitted a letter of interest to the four board seats that were left vacant after Toni Gibbons (region 2), Hilarie Perkins (region 1) and Donald Leilous (region 1) and Brandy Graves (region 3) all resigned.

Linda Burks and Rodney Melser were appointed to region 1, Dan Antoniolli was appointed to region 2 and Michael Abdo was appointed to region 3 unanimously.

Antoniolli was also a member of the Shinglehouse Borough Council, but section 322 of the school code doesn’t allow a board member to be a member of the municipal council. He resigned from the borough council during the council meeting on Tuesday night.

The board asked each applicant two questions during the work session, which was held immediately before the voting meeting. They were asked to describe their education, training and experience that has prepared them to be a school board member. They then asked, “From time to time, talk around town may include content that has come from a confidential or executive meeting. How do you see yourself handling confidential or executive information?”

Six policy revisions were discussed and approved for their first reading. Mitch DeLong, board vice president, said they had ignored and neglected board policy updates for several years.

The policy update for Policy 808 Food Services states that if a student’s meal account balance reaches a negative balance of more than $50 and they are not eligible for free or reduced-price school meals under federal school meal programs, the district may provide the student with alternative meals instead of school food program meals until the unpaid balance in the student’s school meal account is paid or a payment plan has been established.

Currently, the policy states the district will make at least two attempts to contact the parents/guardians of a student who owes money for five or more school food program meals and will notify them about the free/reduced-price school meals benefits under federal school meal programs.

Doug Dickerson, elementary principal and acting superintendent, said this change would allow the district to offer a student with lunch debt a peanut butter and jelly sandwich rather than a light lunch.

Other highlights:

  • $2,000 was donated to cover the overage of the landscaping by The Oswayo Valley Teachers Association.
  • The board discussed implementing an extracurricular participation fee for cyber charter students, excluding those attending Oswayo Valley’s Virtual Academy. Currently, it costs the district extra money for cyber students to participate in extracurriculars. The board said Otto-Eldred has a similar policy. The board is looking for feedback on it from those in the Shinglehouse Area School District.
  • The board will draft a policy on acceptable facility use on Sundays. Trent Bryant, maintenance supervisor, said no one is on snow removal on Sundays and would add to his expenses to bring in someone for Sunday snow removal. Jed Hamberger, the district’s newly-hired superintendent (effective mid-October) said those wanting to use the facility on Sundays should have to fill out a facility request form.
  • Alec Peinkofer, director of activities, will look into having a cooperative agreement with surrounding schools for some sports, as the Oswayo Valley teams are getting smaller.
  • More than 70 wireless routers/speakers were installed throughout the district over the summer and are able to handle every student on his or her own device. All students in grades nine through 12 have been issued a Chromebook to use during the school year.