stock photo of police handcuffs

A Port Allegany woman was committed to Potter County Correctional Facility on Feb. 27, after being charged in connection to a burglary and theft of a Coudersport residence, while the tenant laid dead in an adjacent room, court documents state.

According to court documents, Sonya Kirkman, 34, along with a juvenile and another, unidentified person, entered a Third Street apartment on Feb. 16, which was being rented by a woman who had died in the adjacent laundry room earlier that day. Documents indicate the woman was still visibly laying in the room when the three entered the apartment.

Video footage, taken by a Ring doorbell, showed none of the three who entered the woman’s apartment approached the deceased at any time, while they were in the building, according to court documents.

Police reported interviewing the juvenile who accompanied Kirkman; the juvenile reported they all saw the deceased woman laying on the floor and that the juvenile stated “I don’t think she’s breathing,” to which Kirkman responded “don’t think that way” and proceeded into the woman’s apartment, court documents indicate.

The juvenile told police that the apartment door was ajar, so they all went in and were told to sit at the table while Kirkman took the woman’s pills, purses, earrings, perfume and a pair of boots, among other items. Court documents indicate that at no time did the deceased woman move from the position she was in, during the hour that Kirkman and the others were in the apartment.

Magisterial District Judge Annette Easton set bail for Kirkman at $20,000, during a preliminary arraignment on Feb. 27, court documents state. According to court documents, Kirkman is scheduled for a preliminary hearing before MDJ Easton on Friday.