COUDERSPORT — Twenty county officials were sworn into office on Jan. 2 in the main courtroom of the Potter County Courthouse.

After President Judge Stephen Minor was sworn in by Senior Judge John Leete, Minor reviewed all the names of departments on the docket for the ceremony. Incumbent Commissioner Paul Heimel was joined by newcomers Nancy Grupp and Barry Hayman.

“I’m rarin’ to go and ready to serve,” Grupp said.

“I’m enthusiastic (and) looking forward to the next four years,” Hayman echoed.

Heimel said he is anxious to get back to work and pick up on the “foundation left by the previous board,” noting that former Commissioners Doug Morley and Susan Kefover “planted seeds that this (new) board will cultivate. Their impact is not going to be lost.”

Minor expressed appreciation and encouragement for the board.

“It’s been an honor serving with Commissioner Heimel and the two new commissioners will be an asset,” Minor said.

Three men were sworn-in to the sheriff’s department: Sheriff Glenn Drake as well as Larry Goodwin and Kevin Siska. Drake, who also serves as warden to the county jail, said he plans to improve security at both the correctional institution and at the courthouse.

“I’m optimistically anxious for the upcoming term,” Drake said.

Jessica Giebel was sworn in as the new chief clerk.

“I’m excited to serve the people of Potter County and work closely with the commissioners,” Giebel said.

Four were sworn into the prothonotary department, three into the register and recorder department and two into the treasurer’s office. Those in attendance applauded after each group was sworn in and Miner concluded the ceremony with accolades.

“Congratulations to you all,” Minor said, expressing optimism for each person’s contribution towards the success of the county.