Andy Kulp

Andy Kulp with his ceremonial check.

COUDERSPORT — If you were to win the lottery, how would you spend it? It’s a question tossed around in casual conversation — most people don’t need to have a plan in place, because the chances of winning a large sum of cash are slim. But after winning the lottery on a ticket purchased on a whim, Roulette resident Andy Kulp has his purchases all planned out.

“I’m going to pay off my car, buy a new computer, I’m going to invest a chunk of it and then the rest of it I’m going to either replace my current home or do some major upgrade,” Kulp said. “I’m going to spend it wisely. It’s one of those things that I always vowed, if I ever won the lottery, I was not going to just blow it.”

Kulp doesn’t typically play the lottery, so the fact that he decided to purchase a ticket and ended up winning makes the story just a little bit sweeter. Kulp was in Drabee’s Mini Mart in Roulette, a place he goes to regularly, to buy canned goods.

“I’m lucky if I buy one ticket a year,” Kulp said. “I was there to buy something they had on clearance and I just noticed the ticket thing sitting there. So I said, ‘Well, I have a couple extra bucks in my pocket,’ so I decided to buy a ticket,” Kulp said. Those extra couple of dollars turned into $100,000.

Drabee’s posted on Facebook that the store had sold a winning ticket. Kulp said by the time he found out, three other people who bought tickets that day already confirmed they weren’t winners.

When Kulp realized he had the winning numbers, he said he grabbed onto Lisa Drabert’s arm and said, “Lisa, I have that winning ticket.” They checked the numbers a few times to make sure they weren’t dreaming, Kulp said. Drabert is the owner of Drabee’s.

Since then, the reality of the win has settled in a little more. Kulp said it’ll feel more real once he has that check in his hand.

Kulp said he will probably buy lottery tickets a little more often, but won’t go “overboard.”

Drabee’s will also earn a $500 bonus for selling the winning ticket. The store has been in business for 12 years and this is the biggest winning they’ve had. People stop in the store who are just passing through town and buy lottery tickets, as well as a few regulars.

“I’m really glad we could be a part of this big change in Andy’s life, he’s really deserving,” Drabert said. Kulp is very involved in the community and heads up the Backpack Program, which distributes backpacks filled with school supplies to kids and families in Bradford, Cameron, Lycoming, McKean, Potter and Tioga counties who otherwise can’t afford them.

“Andy does so much for the community,” Drabert said.