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COUDERSPORT — The Coudersport school board unanimously appointed Cynthia Taylor to represent region 2 on the board, with the term expiring this December, at the last meeting of the year. Rebecca Ross resigned from the Coudersport school board during a special meeting July 17. Ross resigned because she moved out of region 2, superintendent Jackie Canter said.

A discussion was held on who should be responsible for covering the cost of fan buses when a sports team qualifies for playoffs. Canter said in the past, the district’s transportation company, Joseph Muccio Transportation, gifted fan buses when teams qualified for playoffs and used the company’s bus for travel. But if a game is more than two hours away, players take a coach bus from another transportation company, since Muccio’s doesn’t have coach buses. Therefore, the fan bus isn’t compensated and the district pays for it.

To have a standard procedure in place for these situations, Canter asked the board for suggestions on who should pay for it — students, the booster club or the district. John Abplanalp, business manager, said last year the district had eight fan buses, five of which were picked up by Muccios. He estimated the district would pay between $1,700 and $2,000/year.

“I would go toward (the district) paying for it because I would hate to have a kid that could not afford it not go,” board member Carol Carts said.

Right now, the students pay for the game ticket and get a free ride to and from the game. The board will reach out to the booster clubs for support in sharing the cost.

The district has partnered with the Penn State College of Medicine to administer school-based screenings for adolescent depression, the PHQ-9. This is a new screening to the district and the college of medicine will randomly select either ninth and 11th grade students or 10th and 12th. Every student will take it unless their parent signs an opt-out slip.

Canter said once Penn State works out the results, students will be brought in through the student assistance program team. She said there is one question on the survey that could result in an automatic crisis call.

There are 756 total students enrolled in the district as of Aug. 7, Canter said. The district has 49 kindergarten students and 59 seniors. The largest classes are third and eighth grades with 74 students each. The lowest is fifth grade, with 41 students.

The greenhouse is expected to be completed by Monday, barring any big and unexpected issues, Steve Gerner, director of buildings and grounds, said.