Brandon Lee Clark, 22, of Coudersport was charged with two counts of driving under the influence, careless driving and failure to activate vehicular hazard signal lamps following a report of a possible DUI in the area of Bryant Hollow Road and Dry Run Road on May 17. Police arrived and observed a Ford F250 on the side of the road facing the direction of oncoming traffic. Police made contact with Clark and noticed the odor of alcohol. Police noted Clark’s slurred speech and glassy eyes and asked Clark what happened. Clark admittedly reported that a guy, the informer who reported the situation, stopped because he was parked in the middle of the road and he was there because he got too drunk and was coming from a party. Police asked how much Clark had to drink. Clark reported quite a bit and he did not remember pulling over and stopping. Police conducted a standardized field sobriety test which showed several signs of impairment. Police talked to the informer and the informer reported that he came up behind Clark and thought, because of how the vehicle looked, that Clark was calling turkeys or something. The informer noted that the car was still running and in gear. The informer proceeded to honk three times, but no response came from Clark as he passed him. When passing the car, the informer observed Clark slumped over in the drivers seat, so he decided to turn around to check on Clark. The informer reported that it took him three minutes of yelling to get Clark to respond and put the vehicle in park and turned off. Police believed Clark to be incapable of safe driving and took him into custody for suspicion of DUI. Clark agreed to a blood sample which showed a blood alcohol content of .158%. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Aug. 5.