water drop

Austin borough issued the following restiction notice:

“Due to the lack of rain over the last several weeks, the well levels have dropped to a point that requires us to issue a voluntary water restriction notice to all of our water customers.

This is currently a “Voluntary Restriction”. The state requires that the borough have a contingency plan, periodically review and update it, and implement it when necessary. The goal of this plan is to reduce the amount of water that is being consumed by 30%, in order to prevent having to go to Stage 2.

This stage gives the customers the ability to help prevent stage 2, or at least prolong it if there isn’t rain in the near future. It took a long time for these well levels to drop and it will take just as long for them to return when there finally is rain.

If it should become necessary to go to Stage 2 of the plan, the problems are worse, and the rules are more stringent to prevent having to implement stage 3. The borough has never been in the position to implement Stage 3 of the plan, which would include water rationing.

Non-essential use includes use of fire hydrants for refilling equipment, lawn watering, garden and landscape watering, washing paved surfaces such as streets, sidewalks, parking areas, and patios, no operation or filling of water fountains, no washing of vehicles or no filling or topping off swimming pools

This notice will remain in effect until further notice.