The Department of Conservation and Natural Resources invites interested vendors to participate in an open forum discussion relative to its request for information to provide the most cost-effective, and successful way to operate the 700-acre Denton Hill Ski Area located in Potter County along Route 6, in Ulysses Township. The scope of this service is primarily for ski area operations but includes the opportunity to provide four-season event and recreation amenities.

The event will be held at the ski lodge at the Denton Hill Ski Area, Route 6, Ulysses, on Friday, Dec. 14, at 10 a.m.

General description and background

Denton Hill State Park was developed by DCNR as a specialized ski area in the early 1950s. From 1983 to 2014, the facility was operated by a concessionaire; however, the concessionaire closed in 2014 due to rising cost of the operation and the aging infrastructure. All permanent infrastructure is owned by DCNR. Most facilities on the premises need major rehabilitation to bring them to acceptable industry standards. Full rehabilitation of the aging infrastructure is estimated at up to $16 million, as described in the Denton Hill State Park Master Plan.

DCNR has earmarked $10 million of capital improvements to support downhill skiing at the state park. Therefore, DCNR is seeking information from interested vendors on how to best utilize the commonwealth’s investment along with a vendor commitment to develop a viable recreational operation at the state park.

Vendors should review and make themselves familiar with the feasibility plan and the master plan, dated January 2016, and September 2018, respectively. These plans are available at


A tour of Denton Hill Ski Area will be conducted after the vendor forum on Friday, Dec. 14. DCNR strongly encourages interested vendors to participate in this tour.

Topics for discussion at the vendor forum may include industry standards, vendor community insight and expertise, best practices and current and future enhancements.

The first hour of the vendor forum is reserved for offerors interested in becoming potential prime contractors for the operation of the Denton Hill Ski Area.

The second hour of the vendor forum will be tailored for both potential prime small and small diverse business subcontractors. The second hour will include a presentation on the Commonwealth’s small and small diverse business program, discussion relative to potential subcontracting opportunities for services and supplies and networking time for prospective prime and small and small diverse business subcontractors.

For further information or assistance with the small and small diverse business programs, contact the Bureau of Diversity, Inclusion and Small Business Opportunities at 717-783-3119.

A courtesy RSVP is required by Monday, Dec. 3.

Contact Judy Deiter at 717-705-3958 or to confirm your attendance at the forum, and for any questions.