The Port Allegany Borough approved the purchase of a new police vehicle at the May 7 meeting.

The vehicle will include a printer and license reader so the officers can move forward in E-ticketing, along with a radio and 911 Rapid Response. The total cost is $41,831.76, with $21,000 to be paid this year and the balance to be paid off in the next two years.

Council approved repairs to the salt shed. These repairs include re-sheathing the back of the shed and then building a concrete wall, repairing the frame, and adding gravel behind the building to reinforce the wall.

The borough council has decided to begin the process to get a technical assistance program for the state Department of Environmental Protection. This program will allow the water system to receive free leak detection assistance. Council hopes that, if this program is approved, the borough will be able to detect the location of leaks and reduce the amount of lost water.

To protect the borough from theft, computer fraud, fund transfer fraud, social engineering and other common crimes the borough has approved a crime policy for their employees. Veilleux said, “It is not that we have anything to worry about, but there are times where large amounts of money are transferred and it just adds another layer of protection for us.”

The next borough council meeting is Monday, June 4, at 7:30 p.m.