gavel and sounding block on desk

The following individuals recently faced court action before Magisterial District Judge William Todd.

Andrus Rifle, 42, of Port Allegany, was observed on Jan. 26, by a PSP-Lewis Run trooper, as asleep in the driver’s seat of a Jeep, while the vehicle’s engine was running, court documents state. According to court documents, an open can of beer was in plain view in the center console of the vehicle. The trooper reported knocking on the vehicle window more than once to wake Rifle and, once making contact with Rifle, observing his eyes were bloodshot and watery. Rifle reportedly told the trooper he had come from a friend’s house, that he had no intentional destination and that he had not consumed anything to drink, court documents indicate. According to court documents, Rifle consented to field sobriety testing, which showed signs of impairment, and to a preliminary breath test, all of which read positive for alcohol. Rifle also submitted to chemical blood testing at UPMC-Cole; test results confirmed, on Feb. 7, Rifle’s blood alcohol content was .212% at the time of the incident, court documents indicate.

Rifle was charged on Feb. 13 with two counts DUI and two summary traffic violations, and bail was set by MDJ Todd at $2,000 unsecured, during a preliminary arraignment on March 3. A preliminary hearing was scheduled for Thursday before MDJ Todd.

Lisa White, 56, of Reston Va., was driving erratically along SR-219 on Feb. 21, to which the McKean County Sheriff’s office had responded and for which they requested assistance from Pennsylvania State Police-Lewis Run, court documents indicate. According to court documents, a Sheriff’s deputy reported White was observed traveling across the center yellow fog line numerous times and following the Sheriff’s vehicle at an unsafe distance. When a PSP trooper approached White’s vehicle and made contact with White, the trooper reported observing an odor of an alcoholic beverage emanating from within the vehicle and observed White’s speech was slurred as well as her eyes were bloodshot and glassy, court documents state. Documents further state that White agreed to submit to a battery of field sobriety tests, which resulted in indicating signs of impairment. White was taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol and transported to UPMC-Kane for chemical testing.

White was charged with one misdemeanor count of DUI and three summary traffic violations, court documents state. According to court documents, bail was set at $2,000 unsecured during a preliminary arraignment before MDJ Todd on Feb. 21 and White is scheduled for a preliminary hearing on March 19.