Grisly Tour attracts large crowd

About 135 people came out to participate in the Grisly Walking Tour on Friday, Oct. 25.

PORT ALLEGANY — The Port Allegany Lions Club dove deep into the topic of murder on Friday, giving walking tours in the town square and talking about historic murders that took place in the borough for The Grisly Walking Tour.

Guides in festive, killer-themed costumes led groups of 25 around the area to discuss historic homicides that happened in the town dating back to the early 1800s. The tour guides talked about the first murder in the borough, Uzza Robbins and an unsolved murder from 1924.

“(The tour) was very interesting and I look forward to having more events like this in the future. Port Allegany’s ‘underbelly’ is very interesting,” one participant said.

Approximately 135 people participated, with three tour guides listing information on three different murders. The event was planned to spark interest in both the town’s historic value among all ages and also to rally support for the Lions Club.

Dan Schott, a member of the Lions Club, describes the organization as “small, but hearty.” The Lions Club is known nationwide as a beacon for community events, organizing and informing people around common goals. There are over one million registered members nationwide.

When the tour was complete, participants were invited into the Maple Inn for baked goods and apple cider at no cost to the tour goers. Members of the Port Allegany Lions Club stated that they plan on similar events in the future, as they tend to be “very popular.”