The following memorials were made at the Port Area Ambulance Association.

April Baxter: George and Dawn Baker, Sherri Kinney, John Tosh Butters, Cathy Kaziska and Ray Kulp, Dan and Christa Schott, Ronand Bonnie Caskey, Paula, Patty, Pam and Don, Margaret and Richard Kallenborn, Mike and Cheri Nasto, Mona Budd, Ted and Joy Ammerman

George Baxter: Dick and Peggy Kallenborn, Sandy and Gale Austin, Denny and Melanie Moses, Bruce and Patty Moses, Bill and Lora Sickles, Dan and Mary Kay McCann, Mike and Pam Fischer, Ed and Barb Lias, Lora and Bob Rankin, Matt Rankin and Family, Calorie McKinney and Family, Sue and Bill Barnett

Kenneth G. Birosh: Judy Bee

Vincent Bizzaro: Reggie and Noreen Coneys, Dick and Donna Anderson, Harry Stevenson, Bob Murphy

Audrey Connie Boyer: Mahlon and Sylvia Davenport, Martha Knight

Tim Fitzpatrick: Noreen and Reggie Coneys

Charles Guncheon: Gregory and Suzan Sassaman, Close’s Lumber, Richard and Peggy Kallenborn, Class of 1966. Del Simmons Family

Donna Hartle: Reggie and Noreen Coneys

Rev. Randy Headley: Ryan and Elizabeth Cunningham, Nathan Bradley and Jason Carrillo, Drew and Jamie Horman, Amanda Perkins

Marjorie Healy: Bonnie Healy

Galen Kennel: Dick and Donna Anderson, Noreen and Reggie Coneys

Betty Brown Knapp: Berry and Shawn Ridenhour, Sherri Kinney, Bill and Grace Aldridge, Dick and Donna Anderson

Theresa M. Knapp: Delores Eastman and The Fischer Family, Patty and Mike Maynard, Carol Wallace, Marilyn Turner Swanson

Dawn A. Lewis: Duane and Mary Gregg Gloria Chelgreen and Larry Shelly

Richard McGarvey: Rish’s Graduating Class

Larry K. Mead: Lois Payne Family. Mike and Cheryl Has to, Frank and Pam Switzer, Camp JJ, Ardagh Group

David Mensch: Noreen and Reggie Coneys, Dick and Donna Anderson, William and Merilee Potter, Reggie and Noreen Coneys, Suzan and Barry Benjamin

Milton Payne: Dick and Donna Anderson

Donald Schweikart: James Niles

Joyce M. Seeley: Star Hose Company

Dr. Mark Shaffer: Okla Sweet, Eric and Lisa Johnston, Sharon and Joan Stromberg, Bruce and Jessica Klein, Chad and Sandy Hovis, Robert Hovis

Amy J. Sherwood: Marguerite Parker, Donald and Karen Spencer and Family, Denny Williams, Bill and Lora Stickles, Mountain Laurel Credit Union

Tammy Slaugenhaupt: Pam Fischer and Family, Sue and Bill Barnett, Mike and Angie Culver, Harvey and Betty Miller

Lynn Sorton: Barry Healy

Gloria Strong: Jim and Betty Rankin

John H. Tauscher: Julie and Tom Jeffers, Bridge Club, Bob and Carol Christensen, 500 Card Club, Harvey and Betty Miller, Abby Galford

John Dorman Wallace: Carol Wallace, Jennifer and Chad Moses, Nicole and Chad Postlewait, Michelle and Brandon Bliss, Mr. and Mrs. Joel Anderson, Mick and Patty Maynard. Dale and Debbie Chastain, Harvey and Betty Miller, Pam and Mike Fischer

Harriet Wenner: Duane and Mary Gregg

Earl Williams: Dick and Donna Anderson