Monthly Above and Beyond Award presented

Kim Bowser (right) accepts a custom-created plate from Anna Fair, Above and Beyond committee member, and PAWC president Joyce Stehle.

Kim Bowser, a teacher at Port Allegany High School, was guest of honor at the annual Koffee Klatch sponsored by the Port Allegany Women’s Club and held at the Inn on Maple Street. Bowser is the recipient of the December 2018 Above and Beyond Award. Club president Joyce Stehle read the following in the absence of Mary Gregg who nominated Bowser for the award.

“Kim Bowser surely deserves to be honored with the Above and Beyond award for her dedicated service to the students of Port Allegany High School. In addition to teaching business classes and supervising the enrichment program for gifted students, she is advisor to the perennially award-winning school yearbook. Because of the quality of her leadership she was named winner of the 2018 National Yearbook Program for Excellence. Last year, working with a group of students, she brought into reality her vision of a Gator Closet that provides personal and clothing items to students in need. It is especially commendable that she and all members of the high school staff take great care to protect the privacy and dignity of those who avail themselves of this service.

“Two of Mrs. Bowser’s students offered these observations about the effect she has had on their lives and the lives of fellow students. A recent graduate, Sierra Archer stated, ‘She was always professional, taking her work as a teacher, advisor and mentor very seriously with an exceptional amount of patience and determination. She made an effort to get to know us, speak with us about our classes and our lives, and was there when we needed her. She always did her best to provide for the needs of students and ensure that they got to where they needed to be either as a student or as a person. She is truly an important part of our learning community and I wouldn’t be who I am today without her.’

“Sierra’s sister, Gracie Archer, added these comments: ‘I have worked with Mrs. Bowser in the gifted program and, as a result, with the Gator Closet which provides such things as clothes, toiletries, or school supplies for those who need them. Students may go anonymously and without questions to the closet to get what they need. From my own experience with Mrs. Bowser I have found her to be very generous and helpful, especially when it comes to the students in the school. She knows what people need and is there for them. I have been changed for the better because of her as well.’

“Through example, Mrs. Bowser is imparting not only classroom skills and knowledge but also valuable life lessons to her students. Congratulations and thank you Kim for all that you do for our students, school and community.”

This Above and Beyond Award recognizes recipients for going far above and beyond what is expected of them because they are good and kind people.