Stephanie L. Vettenburg-Shaffer, McKean County district attorney, announced that nearly 150 pounds of medication were collected in the drop boxes.

The medication drop boxes continue to be used by residents to discard unused medication. The four locations of the boxes in the county are at the McKean County Sheriff’s Department at the jail, Bradford City Police Department, Bradford Township Police Department and Kane Police Department.

The boxes were provided by the District Attorney’s Association and, the box in Kane, was sponsored by Pennsylvania American Water. The purpose of the boxes is to keep drugs off the street, keep drugs away from juveniles and to keep drugs out of the waterways.

Each quarter the boxes are emptied and weighed by a county detective in of the district attorney’s office and the medications are properly disposed of by members of the National Guard and attorney general’s office.

This past quarter, the total weight of the medications discarded was 149.2 pounds, which is 63.2 pounds less than last quarter that saw 212.4 pounds collected.

This quarter, the medication in each box was:

  • McKean County Sheriff’s Department, 73 pounds.
  • Bradford City Police Department, 55 pounds.
  • Bradford Township Police Department, 6.4 pounds.
  • Kane Police Department, 14.8 pounds.

After the medication is collected and weighed, the data is reported to the District Attorney’s Association. In 2018, the total weight of the medication collected from the boxes in the county was 617.8 pounds.

Many experts report that opioid addiction frequently begins with the abuse of medication. The medication drop boxes are one tool to help prevent addiction by restricting access to medication.

If anyone suspects illegal drug activity, call the McKean County Drug Task Force at the district attorney’s office at 814-887-3312 or