Student helps others

Tyler Carinci did a sixth grade project to help children with cancer.

When Tyler Carinci was choosing his sixth grade project, he asked his mother if he could do a benefit to raise money for cancer.

Tyler wanted to raise money to help kids fighting cancer. His mother agreed to the project and with the help of his family and friends, he put together an event to benefit Kids and Cancer.

Tyler went to local and out-of-town businesses asking for donations. He arranged for the food and getting baskets donated. Tyler also emailed the Pittsburgh Pirates professional baseball team who donated four tickets to a game of the winner’s choice.

He emailed Jim Kelly, former quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, who donated an autographed Bills football and sent Tyler an autographed picture as well.

According to his mother, Jackie, Tyler poured his heart and soul into the benefit. Tyler attended Kids and Cancer meetings to let the committee know what he had been doing.

He also made a donation basket at his benefit in memory of a little girl from Bradford who lost her battle with cancer. The family of the little girl had a benefit the same day as Tyler’s and he wanted to raise money for that family as well. He raised $150 for the family and took it to their benefit to present it to them.

At the end of Tyler’s event, he had raised $11,056. He was overcome with emotion. To date, he is the only person to ever raise that amount of money for the organization.

His mother said, “Tyler has a very big heart, a great quality in a 12-year old kid!” His mother also shared that Tyler has seen cancer first hand as she is a colon cancer survivor, his aunt died from pancreatic cancer and he currently has an aunt battling breast cancer.