Port Allegany

Port Allegany

PORT ALLEGANY — Bob Veilleux, manager of the Port Allegany borough, resigned from his position during the Monday, Nov. 7 borough council meeting.

His resignation was accepted solemnly, with none of the council members challenging the motion. Vellieux was manager of the borough since early 2015 and his absence from the board will surely create a vacuum that must be filled. The borough has already begun to search for a replacement.

Veilleux said he had accepted another job.

"I am thankful that the Port Allegany borough council gave me the opportunity to serve as the borough manager. I'm leaving on good terms to take the position of community development director with the McKean County Redevelopment and Housing Authority. I look forward to working with Port Allegany and the other municipalities in McKean County to help bring resources to support community development projects to the area," Veilleux wrote in an email.

Several pieces of legislation were presented to the board and two were enacted as local law. Ordinance 481 was passed, approving the renewal and modernization of existing standards for plowing snowy roads and the various processes for sweeping and cleaning district roads during alternating periods of weather. This ordinance will not change much in the way of how the roads are cleaned, but it is still a necessary adjustment to the current methods.

Ordinance 482 also passed. This dictates the handling of animals within the borough. The act puts limitations on the keeping and maintaining of wild animals that are being kept as pets within the borough. Moreso, the ordinance also cites the maintenance of domesticated animals in the borough and the treatment of such. Any non-domesticated animal that has a known history of biting or attacking humans will now be barred from being kept as a pet without sufficient state or federal paperwork or permit. This will not apply to service animals that assist those who are blind or physically disabled.

On an unusual and possibly more humorous note, the board voted to pass the approval of the abandonment and discontinuation of a water and sewage mandate plan. The plan is at least 61 years old and is only on the table now because the council members from 1958 simply forgot about it. There was a lot of laughter during this part of the meeting and the council unanimously and happily motioned the approval of the mandate. This won’t actually affect the law of course, as the plan is so old that the problem it was citing has long since been solved through other methods, disregarding the need for such a plan.

The council also discussed smaller miscellaneous problems around the borough, such as the traffic light problem on the corner of Route 6 and North Main Street, the possibility of a new piece of legislation that may block the parking of large vehicles in areas that block sight of oncoming turns at intersections and the motion to buy a VAC truck to clean the sewers and drain pipes rather than renting one every time. The board voted no to the purchase of such a vehicle.