Pony Head Coach Brandon and Pee Wee Head Coach Cliff Fillhart worked with the Bolivar-Richburg coaches and referees to create a moment that the Port Allegany Youth Football family will cherish always. Jadon Archer, who is unable to play contact sports, got an opportunity to run for a touchdown. Jadon, a manager for the Pee Wee team, has a genuine love of the game and the coaches and players wanted something special to happen for him.

The first playoff the game had Brennan Fillhart handing off to Jadon who ran in for a touchdown. After the touchdown, he was swarmed in the end zone by not only the players on his team, but the Pony players, varsity players, coaches and cheerleaders. There were tears, applause and an overall feeling of joy to see a group of young boys embrace Jadon and be just as proud and pumped up as he was.

Coach Bliss said Jadon is just a special kid - funny, charismatic and he loves football. He said the Pony and Pee Wee teams motto is “We’re Family”. There was definitely a family feel at Gator Field Saturday afternoon as “J-Man” made the first touchdown of the day.