The launch of the Sinnemahone Triple Crown in 2019 brought numerous suggestions moving forward and organizers are moving on those ideas. New this year, as of Feb. 11, competitors can register for all three events and save $25 on the registration fees. The option to add a team competition to the event is also newly available.

A team event was the suggestion from long-time canoe competitor Ken Gerg. Three people may register as a team. Each member of the team will compete in one of the events. The team with the lowest cumulative time will win the Team trophy. Divisions will include Mixed, Male, Female and Youth. The competitors must compete in the longest distance offered in each of the events. Organizers hope this will encourage more spectators at each of the events.

Those registering for the April 4, Sinnemahone Canoe and Kayak, Sept. 26 Sinnemahone Gravel Bike Race and Oct. 17 Sinnemahone Ultra Trail Run are guaranteed “swag” and $25.00 off of registration fees. Registrations are only accepted at the Cameron County Chamber of Commerce office through March 16 in person or by calling 814-486-4314. All the events are open to competitors seeking to only compete in the April, September of October options.

Registration for the Sinnemahone Canoe and Kayak is open online at