Special Olympics Competitors.

Picture left to right is of Emily Preston and Ray Witherow who scored the highest series for the women and men and Mike Frost who had the highest scoring game.

On Nov. 19, 42 Tioga County Special Olympians competed in their annual bowling competition at Faxon Lanes in Williamsport after 7 practice sessions at these lanes.

Since bowling is the favorite sport for the Special Olympians, the Tioga County Special Olympics committee made arrangements for the athletes to travel by bus and car to Faxon Lanes in Williamsport for their competition. This was necessary since Tioga County no longer has a bowling alley for them to use.

The athletes were very excited that they would be able to compete in bowling even though it was very inconvenient for them to travel all the way to Williamsport. The results of this competition were as follows:

Gold medals

Austin Sherman-white, Mary Steffen, Lena Kern, Dan Slater,

Emily Preston, Cordell Fink, Mike Wadlinger, Janene Miller, Amy Nichols, Stephanie Darby, Dave Clark, Ray Witherow, Kelcey Simmons, Sharon Potter, Patrick Getgen, Linda McClure, Butch Moore, Jesse Monks and Mike Frost.

Silver medals

Janet Fausel, William Moore, Cassie Moore, Theresa Button,

Krystal Monks, Jeremy Owen, Terry Rieppel, James Nichols, Shawn Starks, Jessica Sherman, Todd Crumb, Matt Sayers and Michael Morgan.

Bronze Medals

Brayden Rhinebeck, Barb Walker, Kyle Chamberlain, John

Holley, Carl Cummings, Ed Steffen, Ben Steffen, Mike Baker, Chase Bowen and Kaden Chamberlain.

Mike Frost had the high game of 207. Emily Preston had the high series for the women with a score of 443 with handicap for two games. Ray Witherow had the high series for men with a score of 441 with handicap for two games.

Special Olympics Central Bowling Sectionals will be held in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on Jan. 19, 2020. Several bowlers from Tioga County will be chosen to attend the Sectionals.