The Rev. Dr. Eugene Charsky, who died Jan. 20, 2018, was memorialized with a special bench dedication at the Green Home Friday, Aug. 9.

The bench, which was purchased entirely with donations, according to administrator Bob Coppadge, was placed in the garden area behind the facility on Central Avenue with Charsky’s widow, sons and extended family members present, as well as at least 50 residents, staff, doctors, community members and former state Rep. Matt Baker.

Coppadge and two others gave comments before the bench was dedicated with a prayer given by Coppadge.

“It is ironic we are dedicating a bench for someone who never sat still,” Coppadge said, to laughter from the audience.

Coppadge noted that each time he would ask if he could visit with Charsky, he would tell him he just didn’t have time but he always did it with a smile.

Dr. Edmund Guelig, who served with Charsky in the hospice ministry, which Charsky helped initiate in 1994, said Charsky was the chaplain at Soldiers + Sailors Memorial Hospital for many years before serving as chaplain at the Green Home until his death at 84.

“He looked at hospice care as spiritual work, and he would pray for his patients, and their families,” Guelig said. “He would want us to come to rest, collect our thoughts, and be at peace on this bench.”

Candace Callahan, activities director at the Green Home, said that the residents there loved him, and once a week he would have lunch with them, alternating floors every other week.

“He lit up the room when he entered it, like a light bulb. He really listened to our problems and joys and always was ready to share the good news of the Bible,” Callahan said.

“He was terrific,” she added, “and I miss him. We all do.”