Business celebrating 40th anniversary

The staff of Mark’s Carpet Cleaning pose in front of the trucks in honor of the 40th anniversary of operation. Staff are (from left) Kurt Dibble, Tim Fermenic, Ray Rathbun, Pat Parsons, Mark and Paula Parsons, Jim Buchko, Tim Wilson and Ted Hill.

It’s spring, a time when people frequently see their surroundings with fresh eyes. Or, maybe they see their surroundings in the daylight with longer days.

Whatever the reason, many people come to the conclusion that it’s time to have a spring cleaning. With the busy-ness of life today, many decide that someone else can do the cleaning while they go outside to enjoy that warm weather.

Mark’s Carpet Cleaning offers cleaning services, both inside and outside the home. While owner Mark Parsons began the business 40 years ago with carpet cleaning, it’s grown to encompass much more including window cleaning, external cleaning, commercial janitorial service, full top-to-bottom house cleaning and furniture.

Patrick Parsons, son of the founder, said that how frequently you do a deep clean depends on the size of the household and the occupants. Some people choose to have weekly cleaning.

“Every house and every family is different, but every house should be cleaned top to bottom at least once a year,” Parsons said. “Most people opt for two times a year. More demanding households might want to do that more often.”

The dust, pollen and dander brought in or generated by the people and animals living in the household are often allergens, which can cause a reaction among those living there. The more people and pets, the more traffic and allergens.

“Before you know it, you’re wondering why you’re not feeling well. People don’t realize it can be from all the allergens,” he said.

In addition, germs can collect on surfaces during winter months and require disinfecting, said Parsons.

Like the inside, the exterior of a house can also get dirty. That, too, depends on location.

Houses located near busy or gravel roads can collect more dust, while mildew may collect on houses in shaded spots.

While the clean house can be refreshing, not seeing dirt, pet hair and other materials can also relieve stress for the residents.

Mark’s Carpet Cleaning customers are frequently two-income households, a single parent, an elderly person or someone with a disability. Often, the best part of hiring a cleaning service is spending time on things that are more important, Parsons said.

“Time is precious and we don’t always have time to clean a home like we want,” he said. “We allow people to spend time elsewhere, where they want to spend it rather than be consumed with cleaning.”

Mark’s Carpet Cleaning uses products that are high-quality that stand up to use, but not be harsh on surfaces and safe. The company also provides free estimates.

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