Michael White’s journey from Connecticut to California and now Pennsylvania has been inspired by faith.

White grew up in Connecticut and, as a young man, moved to Los Angeles to attend a seminary.

“I squeezed three years of seminary into five years,” joked White.

He added on a more serious note, “When I was in college, God really changed my life. If Jesus is God and He gave His life for my sins, then I want to give my life to God.”

His studies were slowed by marriage, a baby and starting a tree business, White’s Tree Service, in 2008.

“I love being outside and working with trees and the equipment and being with people. I’m a people person,” said White.

In 2015, he sold the business, which continues to operate in California. He and his family moved to Wellsboro when he accepted a position as associate pastor for the Wellsboro Bible Church.

“It’s a growing, awesome church and I love that we are part of it,” he said.

He and his wife, Rachel, continued to expand their family. They now have four children ranging in age from six months to five years.

Working full-time for several years, White recently reduced his schedule to part time at the church to return to the tree business, forming Tree Master, LLC earlier this year.

“I was at the church full time for a while, but I really missed being outside and running saws,” he said. “Now I love my work and church.”

Both in Los Angeles and Tioga County, White works with tree owners on problems, coming up with solutions and providing the best care for the tree. In 2011, he completed the requirements to become a certified arborist through the International Society of Arboriculture. The organization promotes best practices in tree care and tree science. For example, White does not use steel spikes when scaling a tree, instead relying on ropes.

A certified arborist, explained White, has the knowledge of best practices in tree care, pests and diseases, proper pruning techniques to enhance the long-term structural integrity of the tree.

He continues to work part-time at the church, providing counseling and working with the congregation.

“It’s a growing, awesome church and I love that we’re a part of it,” said White. He enjoys working with the senior pastor, T.J. Freeman, and Jason Reed, a church member who now works for Tree Master.

He’s also involved with the Wellsboro Shade Tree Commission and notes the community’s passion for trees is gratifying.

At the present time, many property owners are dealing with the dying ash trees. White recently removed 88 trees near the Rock L. Butler Middle School in Wellsboro. At the present time, the two jobs are a good fit for White.

“I love trees. I love God. I love my family and I love working in the church,” he said.

For information, call 570-360-5237, visit www.treemasterllc.com or find Tree Master, LLC on Facebook.